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Formerly managing partner of the fastest growing share valuation practice in the UK, the first part of my career was exclusively in corporate tax; advising entrepreneurs, SMEs and High Net Worth individuals on a range of specialist share valuation matters. The second part, following a successful exit in 2016, has been focused on corporate strategy, advising senior management and leadership teams of professional service firms on business model innovation and disruption risk.

When the founders of Diners Club introduced the credit card in 1950, they were practicing business model innovation. The same goes for Apple, when in 2001 they introduced a portable media player to compete with Diamond Multimedia and Xero, when in 2006 they embarked on a journey to disrupt the global accountancy cloud technology market.

How did Diners Club, Apple and Xero achieve such dominance? They competed with better business models.

Since the introduction of the Abacus, the business world has experienced constant but subtle technological evolution; calculators (1642), the typewriter (1870), fax machines (1964), mobile phones (1973), personal computers (1975), email (1978), the World Wide Web (1991) and smartphones (2007). 

In the last decade, the speed and scale at which the world does business has increased significantly; the mass adoption of cloud-based software, development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and proliferation of big data has dramatically changed the business landscape and client demands.

Today, clients expect the speed and elegance of digital retail in everything they do and are increasingly tech savvy; able to compare services where they want, when they want, using their channel of choice.

These changes are disrupting traditional business models.

Companies that are able to embrace the current period of disruptive innovation and adapt to the positive technological change can constantly reinvent themselves before they become obsolete and open up a number of exciting opportunities.

I place a high value on developing long-term trusted relationships. Throughout my career I have apportioned a significant amount of time to building a strong network and regularly connect contacts with one another for the their mutual benefit.

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