Hello and welcome to my website.

I’m an Associate within the Fiscal Incentives team at AECOM.

Since 2010, the UK government has focused on creating one of the most competitive and stable Corporation Tax regimes in the world. The aim? To stimulate entrepreneurship, boost economic growth, and appeal as a top European destination for global investment.

Underpinning this strategy is a set of highly generous fiscal incentives, instruments used by the UK government to help companies, individuals and investors reduce their tax liabilities should they meet certain criteria.

Fiscal incentives are there for the taking. However, due to their highly generous nature, they are governed by a strict set of rules and specialist advice is required to help navigate the complex landscape.

That’s my job; I simplify complex fiscal incentive legislation and diligently pursue tax relief opportunities for clients (see Experience).

In addition to my role at AECOM, I regularly write about some of the issues currently affecting the accountancy profession today and post my articles on this website (see Blog).

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